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So... I'm still not sure why I keep using LiveJournal.

Fairly certain no one reads it anymore.

Or maybe I just have nothing worthy to say? I dunno.

I guess it gives me something to do though.

So let's give a real update, shall we?


So I finally moved out of my parents house about six months ago. Had a nice little apartment out in Costa Mesa with Jonny. But we decided we didn't like it there, so we moved down to Riverside with my friend Shannon. That's going well. I absolutely enjoy having my own apartment. Such freedom. It's wonderful. I only wish other people would pay rent. Hmmm. It's only me and Shannon paying rent right now. Which is fine, cause we make enough to cover it and then have alot left over. Rent is only 1050 anyway.

On to my job...

So, I had a brief little employment at Disney, and of course, realized that it would go nowhere. So I moved on to the lovely travel industry. I love it. =D It's my favorite job so far. Plus, after working many months of 45+ hours a week shifts, I have finally been moved to full time status, with benefits! >=D Very exciting there. It's a great job. If you wanna learn more about the company... <a href=">Shameless Promotion</a> So yeah... this always happens... I end up starting to write, and then completely lose all interest in writing.... some English major I am.... So yeah.... uh.... I guess I'm done. Shit. I suck at updating.
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